Junkipedia Terms of Service

Last updated: March 7, 2020

By using Junkipedia, the user agrees to comply with these Terms of Service. The Terms of Service is the agreement between the user and Junkipedia and governs how the user can use Junkipedia. This agreement supersedes any previous agreements between Junkipedia and the user.

Junkipedia’s failure to enforce or exercise any term of the Terms of Service does not constitute a term’s waiver.

Junkipedia has the right to modify these Terms of Service without notifying the user.

If the user violates any of these terms, then Junkipedia may terminate the user’s account.

Account Terms

  1. The user is responsible for ensuring that their account and password are kept secure. Junkipedia will not be responsible for any damage or loss for the user’s inability to do so.
  2. The user is responsible for any activity or content posted through his or her account, even when other authorized users on the user’s account post content.
  3. The user cannot use Junkipedia to violate laws or for an illegal reason in its jurisdiction.
  4. The user must give Junkipedia his or her full legal name, a correct email address, and other information that Junkipedia requests in order to be authorized to use Junkipedia.
  5. The user cannot be a “bot” or other automated being; the user must be a human being.
  6. If the user provides suggestions regarding Junkipedia, then Junkipedia may use the feedback to improve its services. In such a situation, the user gives Junkipedia a transferable, royalty-free, and unlimited license to use such suggestions or feedback without a requirement to give the user any compensation.

Third Party Services

  1. YouTube: some Junkipedia features integrate with YouTube and the YouTube API. By using Junkipedia, you agree to be bound by the YouTube Terms of Service
  2. CrowdTangle: some Junkipedia features integrate with CrowdTangle and the CrowdTangle API. By using Junkipedia, you agree to be bound by the CrowdTangle Terms of Service

Application Program Interface (“API”) Terms

  1. The user may access Junkipedia through the API. The use of the API requires compliance with the Terms of Service as well as the following terms:
  2. The user agrees and understands that Junkipedia will not be responsible for any losses or damages that result from his or her API usage or by products by third-parties that acquire data through the API.
  3. Excessive requests to or abuse of Junkipedia through the API can lead to the suspension, whether temporary or permanent, of the account’s ability to use the API. Junkipedia alone will decide whether there has been an excessive usage or abuse of its API. It will then try to email the user about the suspension prior to its occurrence as a warning.


  1. The user is the only individual responsible for closing his or her account.
  2. Junkipedia will not be able to access any of the user’s content as soon as the user closes the account. Within 60 days, the user’s content will be deleted permanently from logs and active systems. Within 60 days, the user’s content will be deleted permanently from any backups that Junkipedia has. Once the information is deleted permanently, it will not be possible to recover the data.
  3. Junkipedia has the authority to suspend or close the user’s account at any time for any reason, and prohibit the user from using the account in the future. When Junkipedia deactivates or deletes the user’s account, all of the user’s content will be forfeited and relinquished.


  1. Junkipedia has the right to modify these Terms of Service without notifying the user.
  2. Junkipedia will not be held responsible to the user or a third party for any change to or discontinuation of Junkipedia.

Ownership and Copyright

  1. Any content a user posts to Junkipedia must be in compliance with U.S. copyright law.
  2. Junkipedia does not claim to have intellectual property rights on the content the user posts to Junkipedia. The content is the user’s content.
  3. Junkipedia has the right to decide whether to remove content posted to Junkipedia. The user may not reuse or copy any part of the CSS, HTML, or other visual design features of Junkipedia without Junkipedia’s permission.

General Provisions

  1. The user accesses Junkipedia at his or her own risk.
  2. The user cannot adapt, hack, or modify Junkipedia.
  3. The user cannot change another website in a way that the website falsely claims it is associated with Junkipedia.
  4. The user cannot exploit or copy any part, use, or access to Junkipedia without Junkipedia’s permission.
  5. Junkipedia can, without an obligation, remove accounts and its content if it determines that these accounts and content violates the Terms of Service, another party’s intellectual property, or are unlawful.
  6. Any written, verbal, physical or other kind of abuse of a Junkipedia employee or another user will lead Junkipedia to remove the user’s account immediately.
  7. The user must understand that the technical transmission and processing of Junkipedia, including of user content, could involve changes to conform with the technical requirements of devices or connecting networks and could be transmitted over a variety of networks, unencrypted.
  8. If the user’s usage is significantly larger than the average usage of Junkipedia users, then Junkipedia maintains the right to disable the user’s account temporarily. In such a case, Junkipedia will reach out to the user before further action is taken except in instances where the user’s usage negatively impacts how Junkipedia functions.
  9. Junkipedia does not promise that (i) it will meet the user’s individual requirements or expectations; (ii) it will be without error, timely, uninterrupted, or secure; (iii) the errors will be fixed; (iv) the results acquired from Junkipedia will be reliable or accurate.
  10. The user understands clearly that Junkipedia will not be responsible for any indirect or direct loss or damages to data that result from any matter that has to do with Junkipedia.
  11. Any questions about this Terms of Service can be sent to help@junkipedia.org.

If Junkipedia adds any features to enhance the service, then the features will also be dependent upon the Terms of Service. The user’s use of Junkipedia after modifications such as these will constitute the user’s agreement to the modifications.

Adapted from the Basecamp open-source policies / CC BY 4.0